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In Belgrade Luxury agency’s offer, there is a large number of different vehicles various by their type and purpose. We recommend that You choose the vehicle according to Your character, so You can feel like on home ground.

If You have a special wish for a vehicle, which is not included in our offer, feel free to ask us, because, to us You are always in the first place!

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For any of our services You can contact us before your arrival to Belgrade, but also during Your stay.


These are our special packages that we have prepared for You. Each one has been carefully selected by BELGRADE LUXURY team to meet all of Your needs. Choose Your favorite, or create one according to Your taste.

custom package

If You would prefer something a little bit different than services included in our packages You can always create Your own ‘custom made’ package, thus achieving a truly unique experience. Add services to any of our existing packages or put together a new package tailored to fit Your needs, because - The Best Luxury Services Are Customized, Not Standardized.

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