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This service is designed for the most demanding clients. For those to whom the best is not good enough- For those who always want more, better. Those who do not accept compromises. Diamond services include the best that Belgrade has to offer. The best of us.

Feel the glamor of Belgrade in private villas in elite parts of the city, the strength of the Danube in luxury yachts or soar into the sky in a plane, balloon or helicopter. Diamonds are forever, let your memory of Belgrade also last forever.

luxury vip services

For any of our services You can contact us before your arrival to Belgrade, but also during Your stay. When you have chosen the most suitable package or service for You, the next step is to contact us.



Beautiful villas located in Dedinje, Senjak, Vracar and other parts of the city, famous for its beauty and rich history of the old generations, can easily compete with precious villas in well-known European and world’s capitals. The owners of these villas have not spared when they worked on them, so they offer all the benefits of the modern era, the comfort of luxury living and elegance with refined style.

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Enjoy the panoramic view of Belgrade from the penthouses in the most modern city’s skyscrapers.

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By small planes, with a capacity of 4 to 8 passengers, you can make a business or tourist VIP trips to all European, Middle-Eastern and North African destinations. We can also organize a sightseeing flight over Belgrade and its surrounding.

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You are a lover of the river, or perhaps, a lover of unforgettable nightlife on it? In any case, we offer you the possibility to rent luxury yachts, which will make you the lord of the Danube and Sava rivers. You can enjoy the quiet river sailing, make a private party or maybe, just start a party on the boat, and later anchor on some of the Belgrade's river clubs.

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This is one of the most common diamond services. Rent a helicopter for a 15, 30 or 60 minutes sightseeing, or simply take a trip to your destination.

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Hot air balloon

If you've ever wanted to fly, surrounded by the beautiful clouds and enjoy the unforgettable view of Belgrade from the air, ballooning is right for you! Exciting ballooning will raise you to a height of 1000 meters, where you will be able to enjoy the fascinating view of the whole city, the confluence of the Sava and the Danube rivers, plains in the north and the mountains in the south. This is a haven for nature lovers, and definitely the best place to take pictures.

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You have decided for this service?

Our goal is to provide each client a unique and unforgettable experience, so we tailor our services according to Your wishes.

To simplify and speed up the process, booking of our services can be done online through our website. Select the service and the date, send an inquiry and our team will shortly respond with the best offer for You. You can always call us, send us an email or contact us directly via the online form.


These are our special packages that we have prepared for You. Each one has been carefully selected by BELGRADE LUXURY team to meet all of Your needs. Choose Your favorite, or create one according to Your taste.

custom package

If You would prefer something a little bit different than services included in our packages You can always create Your own ‘custom made’ package, thus achieving a truly unique experience. Add services to any of our existing packages or put together a new package tailored to fit Your needs, because - The Best Luxury Services Are Customized, Not Standardized.

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